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Inspired by innovation, fueled by hard work and passion.

It all started in May 2020 when a small group of three came up with the idea of booking your sunbed before you even head to the beach!

Therefore in 2020, perhaps the most vicious year for everybody, a vision arouse. Since quarantine would be over by the summer and beaches would be floating with people, P, C and G, three best friends and eventually the CEO’s took a step forward in creating this innovative app that would make everyone’s life easier regarding the ideal day in the beach!

So BookBeach took flesh and bones and here we are! Our goal is to offer you the ultimate tool for your summer. You can choose between plenty of beach bars of your liking and book your sunbed in advance, with no absolute worries, since having a little extra help in your life is kind of a luxury isn’t it?

BookBeach is a brand new and fresh idea, taking baby steps to the top. Many people across the Country embraced it making our team the happiest of all. So, after that small and cheerful intro, we hope you guys will embrace and love BookBeach as much as we do! Can’t wait to see you out there having your best summer!

Book your sunbed on your favorite beach, real-time, with the most easy and flexible user interface. Explore all the possibilities of the beach, starting from your available date, time and location. International way to pre-order a sunbed, pre-order your drink, snack or even better to play in the beach with several activities that you can find near you.

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